Random things

Programming, code, software and other shit

Programming conversations Lectures about programming and algorithms
On the cruelty of really teaching computing science Nice text by E.W. Dijkstra
Pony - High Performance Actor Programming Very interesting and promising programming language project
Functional Programming; What? Why? When? How? Robert C. Martin is a good and funny speaker
The S.O.L.I.D. Principles of Agile OO Design Another good talk by Robert C. Martin
CPU Caches and Why You care Very good talk on how CPU caches work and why programmers should pay attention to them
VimFX Very nice extension which adds Vim-like controls to Firefox (OBSOLETE)
Vimium My current replacement for VimFX
Cat-v.org Site containing all sorts of interesting things. Check atleast "quotes" and "harmful" sections
Elevated One of the best 4k intros ever
Arch Linux My choice of Linux distros
Termite My choice of terminal emulators
Hacker News Pretty much only "news" I read
Tempearly Semi-dead programming language project I've contributed to
Lichess Nice and simple online chess site
PatrickJMT Huge collection of math tutorials

Blogs I read

End of infinity Blog of a pretty science-oriented friend
El trastero Blog by Iñigo "iq" Quilez, well-known in demoscene
Wait But Why Different viewpoints on humans and life
Paul Graham's Essays Startups, technology, software, life
Erkki Lampén Sentimental stories on life

Blogs I write

My blog Blog I will start writing probably never


xkcd "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language."
Cyanide & Happiness A bit darker humour
Oglaf A bit more perverted humour

YouTube channels

Mathologer Math mostly
Numberphile Math mostly
Veritasium Science-y
Applied Science Science and electronics
Alan Thrall Lifting weights (with some humour)
Warowl Good videos of CS:GO and other games

Music I listen

Ziphead - Fairlight & Carillon & Cyberiad Very nice PC demo with a superb music
Osmo Ikonen feat. Petteri Sariola - All By Myself Good feelings inducing song
Escape from New York Soundtrack Nice and calm background music for coding sessions
Scandinavian Music Group - Ei paniikkia Maybe the best song in the world
Periferian Halo - Place In The Sun You must always like the music your friends make
Freak Kitchen - Nobody's Laughing Great Swedish rock band

// Jussi Sivonen 2018